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Welcome to Pest Animal Boston! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Boston, MA. 1. Welcome to Pest Animal! If you have a pest problem in your building, whether it’s commercial or residential, we can help you to get rid of it. Available 24/7 - over the phone and with technicians in person - we can offer you a pest removal service with over ten years of experience. We are trained to the highest standard, fully insured and licensed, and ensure we use only the latest and state-of-the-art equipment tools. A family-run company, we have been voted as the number one wildlife removal company for three years in a row, and every single one of our staff members are informed and competent. Top specialities include bat colony extraction, bird control services, and the removal of animals in the attic. These animals are likely to be squirrels, rats or raccoons. As well as removing the pests, we will perform a full inspection of your home, repairing any damages caused as a result of the animal, and proving you with valuable information on how to further protect your home, information we have learned over the last ten years of wildlife removal. We promise that we will never use poisons or deal with the pests in an inhumane manner, and we are NOT exterminators. Call us now at 978-401-4853 for your Boston wildlife control needs.

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Boston raccoon removal and skunk removal.

Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

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Our Service Range

Our Service Range

We service eastern Massachusetts, and Norfolk County, Plymouth County, Suffolk County, Middlesex County, and Essex County. We service the towns of downtown Boston, Worcester, Providence, Manchester, Lowell, Cambridge, New Bedford, Brockton, Quincy, Lynn, Fall River, Newton, Nashua, Warwick, Cranston, Somerville, Lawrence, Pawtucket, Framingham, Waltham, Haverhill, Malden, Brookline, Plymouth, Medford, Taunton, Weymouth, Revere, Peabody, Methuen, and more.

Boston Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month

Steps to Remove Boston Opossums from Your Attic
Whether you live in the city or the country, you can experience problems with the local Massachusetts “wildlife” They can infiltrate your yard, barn patio, garage, or even your home itself. When wild or feral creatures invade your home, safe shelter is usually a driving factor. They will look for somewhere quiet and secluded to bed down, like a basement or attic. Any Boston creatures that take over your attic can be problematic. Opossums are no exception. Female opossums are particularly nasty and bothersome. They usually move in because they need a secure, dry place to birth and raise their young that are also close to food and water. The only time it will be male and female Boston opossums are during harsh winters.

In a particularly bad winter, 3-6 adult Boston Opossums will live together in groups for warmth. The good news with mothers raising their young is that they will be easier to trap, because the young usually cling to the mother’s body. Once opossums have invaded your attic, you will have a myriad of problems. They leave a gigantic mess with greasy, smelly droppings the size of a medium dog’s waste, and they are of a highly destructive nature. There sharp claws and teethe can ravage your insulation, wiring, and keepsakes. Their babies only add to the mess and destruction. If an opossum dies in your attic, the stench is indescribably horrible and permeates your home. This happens quit often. The dead body will attract other unwanted guests, carrion feeders, which in turn will move in. You want to be rid of these awful Massachusetts pests quickly.

There are a number of efficient ways to being rid of your Boston opossum problem. Here is a list of some of the more popular solutions.

1) Trap it. A live trap, exclusion trap, or snap trap can all be purchased at any hardware or feed store as well as on-line. Exclusion traps are easy to construct yourself. To set your live or snap trap, you will require deciding on your type of bait. An average sized trap will work fine for a creature the size of an opossum. As far as bait is concerned, you cannot go wrong with almost anything. Possums are what are named {opportunistic feeders}. They will eat most anything that becomes available to them. An exclusion trap, which does not require bait, allows Boston animals to exit their entryway through a wide mouthed funnel. Once out, the smaller end collapses preventing re-entry. You can also attach a live trap to the exit of an exclusion trap.

2) Kill the Boston opossum. By their nature, opossums are very slow, and are known for “playing possum”. They actually move so slowly that you could bludgeon or stab it to death. You could also seed your attic witch poisoned food, or fumigate with deadly gas.

3) Capture the opossum. Because they are so very slow, you can also try to entrap the opossum with a net, box, or sack. Opossums will become aggressive if threatened or agitated, so if you choose this method take all necessary precautions.

4) Drive them out. Install strobe lights, sonic emitters, bright lights, or a radio in your attic. This will make them very uncomfortable and want to move. You could also try spreading mothballs, ammonia, or the scent of a large cat to send them scurrying.

5) Call a service. Wild animal removal services are located around the entire country and employee well trained and knowledgeable Boston staff that can eliminate your problem. They will examine your particular situation; listen to your concerns and wants, the devise a sound plan. They will also dispose of bodies, or handle the relocation of live Massachusetts opossums. Most even go one-step further by helping you to critter proofs your home to avoid future problems.