How to Get a Raccoon Out of a Tree

If you have a Boston raccoon on your tree and you want to get rid of him, here are a few tips which can help in solving this problem. Whatever the wild animal any of us get entered to home, we need to get it out in short span of time. This is not something to worry about. There are lots of ways that can help us getting this done in proper way.

a. Raccoons can be sensitive to noise. So producing high-frequency noise can make them to move from the tree. You may also try to scare a Boston raccoon with a strong flashlight or some similar device which emit light.

b. Raccoons are also sensitive to coyote urine. This can also be helpful as a prevention measure against raccoons. Massachusetts coyote urine is available on Internet, hunter shops or farm supplies center. While wearing cloves sprinkle coyote urine on a rug and place it underneath the tree. Give raccoons a night or two to move out from the tree, since this fluid on a rug would not act immediately on them.

c. In areas that are more urban, these harassment techniques may not work. Of course, in those situations you may call a Boston wildlife damage control service and let them to take control over this problem.

d. Your shouting and other mentioned techniques may scare off a Boston raccoon and make him to leave the tree. But if this is only temporary, that is, if raccoons continuously invade your yard or a tree, you may think about installing some kind of a barrier. In order to prevent raccoons to come back to your tree you my put a barrier on a tree made of aluminum or plastics. Long aluminum or galvanized vent-pipes, are usually used to form different kinds of barriers against raccoons, such as fences or a cup-shaped barrier witch is placed on a three. These and other defense mechanism against raccoons are usually available at most Massachusetts hardware stores.

e. Also you may try to place some kind of bait, in order to make Boston raccoons to come down from a tree. Raccoon usually like food which people like. They like sweet stuff like marshmallow and sugar. They are also very attracted to eggs. You can also use meat bait, such as fried chicken or some pet food.

f. Be very cautious when a Boston raccoon approaches to you too closely. Although they are not ``evil`` animals, they can behave aggressively. In such cases try to make yourself appear larger, by standing up, and waiving. Try also to shout at a raccoon. And if it is necessary, throw stones or douse some water at a Massachusetts raccoon (from a bucker or a water hose).

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